Your family members are supposed to be the people closest to you who will have your back no matter what.

They are your blood relatives and the people you turn to in times of trouble. However, every family has its fair share of secrets that if revealed could cause everything to unravel. In some cases, these dirty little secrets can cause things to go totally off the rails. That’s exactly what happened to one Sicilian family.

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Veronica Panarello has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after strangling her eight-year-old son to death with electrical cables.

After Panarello reported her son missing, she told police that he had been abducted and that she had dropped him off at school. According to her original story, he was not there when she went to pick him up.


Suspicions were raised after CCTV footage from the school negated Panarello’s claims. Eventually, the boy’s body was recovered from a gully.


The mom was convicted of her son’s murder and of concealing a body. After revealing that her child had been murdered, however, Panarello quickly passed the blame onto her father-in-law.


She revealed in a hearing that her father-in-law, Andrea Stival, helped concoct the plan to murder the young boy after he had walked in on Panarello and Stival having sex.


While he is currently under investigation as an accessory to murder, Stival insists that he had nothing to do with the crime and has threatened to sue his daughter-in-law.


“That accusation is something completely out of this world. I went mad for my grandson, my little angel. Now there’s a need for peace and justice. My stomach turned upside down,” said Stival.


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Regardless of what this family had going on behind closed doors, there was no need for an innocent young boy to lose his life over such ridiculous drama.

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Can the Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in NLCS Game 6 and break the Curse of the Billy Goat?”>

Its down to one game for the Chicago Cubs.

Leading the National League Championship Series (NLCS) 3-2 against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Cubs have one of the best chances in years to make it to the World Series and break the 108-year Curse of the Billy Goat.

Chicago hasnt made it to the Fall Classic since 1945, but as of their victory on Thursday night, they are one win away. That win, however, will be no small feat.

Although the teams will head back to Chicago for Game 6 of the Championship series, giving the Cubs a home field advantage, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw will start on the mound, posing a serious threat. The Cubs will have their own Kyle Hendricks as starting pitcher, hoping he can help them seal the deal with his league-leading ERA.

The Cubs have an excellent chance in Saturdays game, especially since theyll be coming off a 8-4 smack-down of the Dodgers from Thursday night. Chicago has also shown that they can hit off of almost any of the pitches L.A. throws at them, with three five-run innings over five NLCS gamesdevastating the Dodgers bullpen.

Cubs Manager Joe Maddon is sure his team is ready to end the Dodgers season when the time comes. Our guys will absolutely be ready for the moment I promise you that, Maddon said Thursday night. Its great. The city of Chicago has got to be buzzing pretty much right now… I expect a sellout at Wrigley.

Cubs fans will surely go crazy at Saturdays game win or lose.

If the Cubs are able to win Saturday nights game, theyll face off against American League Champions the Cleveland Indians, who won the ALCS series 4-1 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The last time Chicago made it to the World Series seventy-one years agothey lost 4-3 to the Detroit Tigers. With the Fall Classic within their grasp, theres no down they will leave it all on the field Saturday night.

You can catch all the action live streaming on Saturday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

How to Watch the National League Championship Series 2016 Game 6:

Game 6 of the National League Championship Game will take place on Saturday, October 22nd, at 8:00 p.m. ET in Chicago.

In order to watch the games online, fans can use the Fox Sports GO website (or app for mobile viewing), but access requires a valid login through a cable provider. Games are also available for streaming on TBS Sports and you can find even more ways to watch without a cable login from Cut Cable Today.

You can also find the complete postseason schedule, along with the latest baseball news at MLB.com.

And, just a reminder, the first game of the 2016 World Series is set for October 25th.

NLCS Schedule 

Game 6:  8:00 p.m. ET, Saturday, October 22 in Chicago

Game 7*: 8:00 p.m. ET, Sunday, October 23 in Chicago

* if necessary

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We haven’t seen it yet, but here’s a scene that could play out soon: During halftime at an NFL game, the stadium floodlights dim and tens of thousands of fans hold their phones aloft. The devices’ screens begin to sputter with colors. Seconds later, a choreographed light show begins to play out around the whole stadium as everyone’s phones work as one big screen, creating a giant, stadium-sized animation.

Such an experience is possible with so-called gameday apps, the category of mobile apps designed to be used by fans inside their hometown stadiums and arenas. When they first showed up a few years ago, these apps were only capable of novel things like providing seat maps or letting you order a plate of nachos without leaving your seat. Now, gameday apps are branching out to incorporate an array of new services—particularly those by NFL teams, who are working to grow engagement with fans.

They’re Ready for Some Football

VenueNext is the company behind the gameday apps for the NFL’s two newest venues for the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings, and for the league’s largest stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play. The company is trying new features, from in-app deals to coordinated light shows, that it hopes will help teams improve the fan experience while also gaining information about who the fans are.

John Paul, CEO and founder of VenueNext, says the top use for gameday apps among the teams in its client base is mobile ticketing.

“They want to know who is in the stadium, how many games did you come to and if we should sell you a ticket package,” Paul says. “The problem with a paper ticket is it is an anonymizer. If we get you to use the gameday app (we can learn).”

To encourage the mobile ticketing use in Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, all of this year’s 49ers season ticket holders received a QR code and badge giving them 10 percent of all services in the stadium. They can redeem it at the concession counter or by ordering from within the app. Another new feature, smart notifications, allows teams to target specific ticket holders or even seating sections with information, whether a commerce deal (a sale on jerseys in the team store behind their section, for example) or updates on new videos.

But with only about half of all fans using the app on any given Sunday in Levi’s Stadium, the 49ers developed a new way to create awareness of it by tying the app into the big screen. Now twice during the game fans can use the app to dictate entertainment, with a trivia question in the second quarterin-app voting appears in real-time on the big board. Then, in the third quarter, fans can vote on which song will lead them into the fourth quarter. The 49ers received 60,000 in-app votes in the first 12 seconds the first time they rolled out the fresh feature.

“It is fun to feel like you have control over the experience of the game,” Paul says.

Then there’s the light show, built into the app for the 49ers and Vikings. “I can’t tell you an immediate plan to use it, but during the season it will get used for the fans to hold up their phones and we can program all the phones in the stadium to do something,” Paul says. “Let’s make this purple, white, random, flash on the camera for half a quarter of a second. We can have a pre-recorded light show. We try to make it fun to be at the game and create an awareness the app does more than just two things.”

Instant Replay

Other 2016 upgrades include the app tying with the concession screens for real-time updating of available items at each stand, changing both the menu boards behind the stand and within the app. Beyond ticketing, using the app to order food from seats stands as the next most common app usage, so keeping information in real-time staves off frustration and wasted time. From there, wayfinding helps fans explore the stadium, find express food pickup locations, or simply navigate the best way in or out of the venue.

“The app is the key that unlocks the enhanced fan experience that we want to provide every guest we welcome to Levi’s Stadium,” says 49ers team president Al Guido. “Fans have demands for consistent Wi-Fi connectivity and access to amenities like they have at home that they didn’t have 10 years ago. In another decade, those demands will be far greater, putting the responsibility on us to keep the app dynamic and responsive to the features our guests will be demanding in the future.”

Video, while still not has heavily used as the ticketing, food, and wayfinding components, provides fans four different camera angles for replays of every play within four seconds of the play ending.

“The fan has the ability to go in and decide which angles they want to look at,” Paul says. As VenueNext works to make video more compelling, expect more exclusive content coming to each venue. Of course, the option to watch the NFL’s RedZone within the app remains a compelling draw.

“This is a digital experience when they come in,” says Vikings executive vice president Steve LaCroix. “It is a bit of a cultural change in behavior, but it is more of just how we all like to get into a game.”

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AT&T Inc. agreed to buy Time Warner Inc. for $85.4 billion, forming a telecommunications and media empire that will own many of the movies and TV shows it pumps through to subscribers of its wireless, internet and pay-TV services.

The cash-and-stock deal values Time Warner at about $107.50 a share, the companies said Saturday in a statement, 20 percent more than Fridays closing price. Time Warner shareholders are to receive $53.75 per share in cash and $53.75 a share in AT&T stock.

This is a perfect match of two companies with complementary strengths who can bring a fresh approach to how the media and communications industry works, AT&T Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson said in the statement.

The deal caps Stephensons vision to expand AT&T into media and entertainment as its wireless business matures. Gaining premium cable channel HBO, CNN and the Warner Bros. studio means AT&T becomes a content owner rather than just a distributor of video.

The combination will disrupt the traditional entertainment model and push the boundaries on mobile content availability, according to the statement.

Executive Meetings

Senior executives of the companies had met in recent weeks to discuss business strategies and an agreement was near as of Friday, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the talks. The acquisition comes a little more than a year after Dallas-based AT&T became the largest U.S. pay-TV distributor when it completed its $48.5 billion purchase of satellite-TV provider DirecTV.

The transaction is valued at $108.7 billion including Time Warners net debt. Once the deal closes, Time Warner shareholders will own from 14.4 percent to 15.7 percent of AT&T shares. AT&T expects the deal to be accretive in the first year and sees $1 billion in annual cost synergies within three years of closing.

AT&T has commitments for a bridge loan of $40 billion to finance part of the cash portion of the deal, according to the statement. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is contributing $25 billion of the financing, with Bank of America Corp. providing the rest, according to a source familiar with the arrangement.

Time Warner will pay a breakup fee of $1.72 billion if it walks away from the deal, while AT&T is liable for $500 million, according to a representative for AT&T.

Awkward Marriage

It was time to do a deal and Time Warner was available, Jonathan Chaplin, an analyst at New Street Research in New York, said in an interview before the transaction was announced. He has a neutral rating on AT&Ts shares. Time Warner offers a premier set of media assets; the only one that is bigger is Disney.

Chaplin called the combination an awkward marriage. AT&T, rooted in a century-old telecommunications system, is attempting to pair a more stodgy culture with one that has a distinctly more dynamic New York media and Hollywood mindset. One of the largest corporate employers in the country with some 281,000 workers at the end of last year, AT&T posted 2015 revenue of $146.8 billion. Time Warner, with almost 25,000 employees, reported revenue of $28.1 billion.

Time Warners huge entertainment offering gives AT&T new revenue streams at a time when subscribers to traditional pay-TV are cutting the cord and switching to cheaper skinny bundles like Dish Network Corp.s Sling TV or to online services such as Netflix Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. To keep its wireless customers from switching to lower-priced rivals T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp., AT&T has offered packages of unlimited mobile data and TV service. Time Warner will represent about 15 percent of the combined companys revenues.

The deal comes two years after Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes and his board rejected an $85-a-share offer from Rupert Murdochs 21st Century Fox Inc., which valued Time Warner at the time at more than $75 billion.

Original Programming

In the interim, Bewkes has focused on creating must-see original programming and acquiring sports rights to draw TV viewers and extract higher fees from AT&T and other distributors such as Comcast Corp. Time Warner also owns a 10 percent stake in web-streaming service Hulu LLC, which it paid $583 million for earlier this year, according to people with knowledge of that deal.

Bewkes, 64, will stay at the combined company for a transition period after the deal, he said on a conference call Saturday. No specific time has been set for how long hell stay.

In the second quarter, Time Warners Turner cable network had revenue of $3 billion, while HBO posted sales of $1.5 billion, and the Warner Bros. studio, producer of the Harry Potter franchise, The Big Bang Theory and DC Comics properties, had sales of $2.7 billion.

The merger is subject to approval by Time Warner shareholders as well as review by the U.S. Justice Department, and is expected to close by year-end 2017. Time Warner also has an airwaves license for a TV station in Atlanta, which could give the FCC jurisdiction to scrutinize the deal if that license is transferred to AT&T. They potentially could sell the station to escape FCC scrutiny. 

Blank Page

The FCCs newer rules have restricted growth for carriers in the telecom world. Thats driven them to integrate other businesses like television and media, Roger Entner, an analyst with Recon Analytics LLC in Dedham, Massachusetts, said in an interview before the deal was announced.

The wildcard in all this will be the FCC, Entner said. Its hard to predict what the regulators will do. They are pretty much starting with a blank page.

Click here for an explainer on potential antitrust hurdles the deal could face

Entner chimed in on how the U.S. presidential election results might affect the deal. He said if Hillary Clinton wins, the regulatory stance will be similar to what we have today.

Trump, before the agreement was announced, said Saturday that he would look to block the deal if elected. He said such media combinations leave too much power concentrated among too few companies, including ones he says are hostile to his presidential bid and rigging the election for Clinton.

The policy director of Free Press, a Florence, Massachusetts-based telecommunications advocacy group, said the proposed deal would cost internet users and TV viewers dearly.

Any time you hear media executives talking about synergies, throwing around the business-babble that always accompanies these rumors, you know its time grab your wallet and hang on tight, Matt Wood said in an e-mail before the deal was announced.

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Anthony Rizzo hit a double in the first inning at Wrigley Field on Saturday. He hit a home run off Clayton Kershaw in the fifth inning.
Image: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

For the first time in 71 years, Cubs fans have a good reason to watch the World Series.

With a 5-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday night, the Cubs punched their first ticket to the Fall Classic since 1945. They’ll face the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday in Game 1 of the best-of-seven series.

Of course, Chicago fans shouldn’t get tooexcited just yet.

The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, the longest championship drought in North American professional sports. They’ve supposedly been cursed since 1945, which created a franchise steeped in suffering and broken by bad luck.

Image: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Still, this World Series appearance hardly feels surprising considering how dominant a team Chicago has become.

The Cubs won 103 games during the regular season the most of any team in baseball. They were touted as early favorites to win the World Series by a long shot, earning 4-1 odds from Vegas at the beginning of the year.

Chicago’s win over Los Angeles on Saturday proved the team’s legitimacy.

The Cubs’ offense knocked around Clayton Kershaw arguably the best pitcher in baseball tagging him for five runs and two home runs in the first five innings of Saturday night’s game.

In other words, this team is legit.

With a core of young superstars complimented by a handful of established veterans, the Cubs have gone from baseball’s loveable losers to the league’s powerhouse.

A ticket to the World Series is cathartic for Chicago, but the curse isn’t broken yet. The city won’t exhale until that championship trophy comes to Wrigley Field.

There’s still some work to be done.

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Fans of The Walking Dead have been in a state of agonized suspense for the past six months, but our long national nightmare will soon be over on Oct. 23, we’ll finally learn who fell victim to Negan’s beloved baseball bat, Lucille, in the Season 7 premiere.

As the hours tick down to the big reveal and its sure-to-be devastating aftermath, executive producer Greg Nicotero (who also directed both last season’s finale and Sunday’s premiere) has offered Mashable some insights into what awaits us.

The expectations are sky-high for this premiere after last seasons cliffhanger did it feel different from other premieres in terms of breaking the story?

Each premiere has a very different flavor and feel to it, and this one obviously picks up seconds after even almost overlaps a little bit last years finale, so its different than anything weve done in the past. Sometimes people expect big explosions and action scenes, and last year our premiere was very epic; we had 30,000 walkers coming out of the quarry, so this ones very different because were picking up directly where we left off in a very heightened emotional moment.

You’ve always made interesting stylistic choices with the episodes you’ve directed. Did you try anything new for the premiere or approach it from a different aesthetic angle?

Theres a lot of emotion, but we did play a little. The timeline isnt as traditional we like getting a sense of jumping around just a little bit because it kind of heightens the storytelling. Theres probably not as much playing around as there was in the Tyreese episode [“What Happened and What’s Going On”] or even in last seasons premiere where we had the black and white flashbacks, but theres a little bit of unique storytelling, for sure.

There have been some cast quotes out there that spoiler hungry fans have apparently misinterpreted in regards to how many regulars get killed in the premiere care to clarify?

Its been very interesting, listening to what everyones been saying, because people are fishing they want to know what happens and they want specifics. Syntax errors or quotes, I think a lot of times, people on the cast or crew are talking globally about the season as opposed to the specific episode. But you just have to wait!

We know that Rick survives at least the initial beating, but how does his worldview shift after this first encounter with Negan?

The clip definitely speaks for itself. The fact that Negan is grabbing him and dragging him away, we definitely get the sense that, by Rick stating very cleanly and very plainly, “Im gonna kill you,” whatever Negan has done may not have had its desired effect. Negan even says in [episode] 16 last year, we usually just start off by popping one of you so that you know that we mean business. Clearly Ricks response to that … he doesnt seem very fazed by it, he still feels like hes the defiant Rick Grimes that we know and love, and I dont know how thats going to fit with Negan, who clearly is a guy who wants to be in charge.

A lot of fan focus is on those first few minutes of the premiere, but what can you preview about the aftermath what does episode 2 or 3 look like in this new status quo?

I dont want to give too much away because I want the audience to go on this journey with us, but one thing I think weve spent a lot of time setting up is these different worlds. By seeing where Carol and Morgan end up in the finale theyre met by the guys on horseback I think its pretty safe to say that well get into that storyline within the first few episodes because we want to be able to check in with all our characters, and weve got a lot of people on the show. Theres a lot of storylines that we have and between Alexandria and the Sanctuary and Hilltop and now The Kingdom, theres a lot of people in a lot of places and a lot of dynamics that were gonna explore, and clearly the events of episode 1 have a ripple effect into all these communities.

Carol and Morgan are thankfully out of the firing line are you utilizing their story as a kind of reprieve from the bleakness of the Negan plot thread?

Based on how emotionally draining the first episode is, you do need that. This show has never been as relentless as it is now, and we have to be aware of the trauma that we are putting our viewers through. You gotta give em a moment, you gotta give em a break to catch their breath. Its one thing to knock em down and keep pummeling them; thats not really our intent. But Negans not a good dude and our world is not in a good place, so you need that.

I think its safe to say that having Carol and Morgan not be in the direct line of fire certainly provides a little opportunity to take a breath and again, visit with characters that we love. We love Melissa McBride as Carol, and we love Lennie James as Morgan; theyve been with us since the beginning, so theres a great familiarity with them, and weve watched these two characters go through a myriad of emotions and fantastic character arcs.

Melissa McBride as Carol

Image: AMC

Where do we find Carol and Morgan mentally at the start of the season, given that they spent much of last season grappling with the morality of their choices?

We teed it up pretty well last season; Morgan spent the entire Season 6 refusing to pull the trigger and wanting there to be another option, and in that last episode, hes forced to pull the trigger either he pulls the trigger or Carol dies. He does what is needed to be done, and the repercussions in terms of what his beliefs are, what his challenges are, thats a great place for us to find him this season.

Carols made no attempt to hide her agenda, shes left before. Shes always had it in her mind that if she cant kill anymore, she cant be around people that she cares about, because its taking its toll on her. So shes willing to walk away from the people that she loves to try and save her soul and try to stop killing, to the point where in the finale last year, she was like kill me, I dont care. All that did was infuriate the Savior. So I think we have some great opportunities and some actually mind-boggling performances from the two of those actors, because of who they are and how they interrelate. I cant wait to see peoples reactions to the first time Carol sees Morgan after she wakes up, cause its interesting.

What does The Kingdom add to the tapestry of the show that has been missing?

I think The Kingdom brings a different vibe because you have Ezekiel (Khary Payton) who has basically chosen to take on this role of king, specifically because he recognized that people need someone to believe in. It seems outrageous and far-fetched for someone to look at a guy and refer to him as King Ezekiel, but hes willing to do that because he realizes that thats what society would require in order to continue. He sees this void and hes willing to fill it for the good of the future of the human race, and thats a very noble position to take. We havent really seen much of that before Hilltops Gregory is not the most warm and fuzzy leader, and with Rick we always get a sense of who he is in terms of protecting his own group of people, but The Kingdom just has a different vibe going on.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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Yes, you.
Image: flicker/a2gemma

If you’re not a media wonk, it can be hard to really care about things like the $80 billion deal between AT&T and Time Warner. But you should. You definitely should.

Time Warner has a lot that TV, movies and sports people love. Enjoy Game of Thrones? TW owns HBO. Like the NBA? TW has that on TNT. Into DC Comics movies? TW owns Warner Bros. movies.

AT&T, on the other hand, mostly operates wireless, telephone and cable networks touching millions of Americans.

These two companies are already huge on their own. Together, AT&T and Time Warner would form one of the most powerful media companies in the world, making a serious impact on the overall market as well as what ends up being offered to consumers.

And there’s more at stake than two major U.S. companies. AT&T wants to buy Time Warner so that it can gear up for the brave new world that we’re all heading toward. Whether we’re (and most importantly whether the federal government is) OK with this deal will be an important decision in how that world is shaped.

The big get bigger

Media and distribution companies just keep getting bigger, and then buying each other to get even bigger.

This isn’t a bad thing on its face. But decades of consolidation across the country have resulted in a relatively small number of huge companies that don’t necessarily have to compete as much when there’s a reasonable number of smaller companies.

There’s already speculation that the AT&T/Time Warner deal will push other companies to also unite so that this new mega-corporation can’t push them around as easily.

Heck even Donald Trump is tired of all these companies just swallowing each other.

The not-so-neutral net

Net neutrality, the concept that all traffic flowing across the internet should be treated equally, is extremely important in terms of the AT&T and Time Warner deal.

AT&T, which had previously just been the pipes through which you accessed Game of Thrones, will now own that show and plenty of other high-end content. Without net neutrality, AT&T would naturally want to make it easier for its customers to access HBO, and make it harder for non-AT&T customers to access.

In a world like that without net neutrality, consumers suddenly have to start making decisions about which content they want to get in an easy and timely manner. Do you go with Comcast so you can watch Saturday Night Live through Comcast-owned NBC? Or do you stick with AT&T so you can watch Games of Thrones?

There’s an ongoing legal battle over net neutrality. It shouldn’t be taken for granted that the internet will remain an equal playing field. If it doesn’t, AT&T owning Time Warner suddenly becomes a very important deal for everyone.

Zero, hating

Even with net neutrality, there’s a reason that this mega merger could impact everyone zero rating.

Zero rating is when a service provider like AT&T does not count content consumed on its network toward the data plans of its customers. Some providers have already struck deals so that users can do things like stream music without worrying about how many megabytes it will cost them.

With AT&T as the second biggest wireless distributor in terms of subscribers, the company could now start offering all Time Warner content without it counting against your data plan.

This suddenly becomes a big advantage for AT&T over its competitors. Want to watch NBA on your phone? Well then you better use AT&T.

It’s not just TV, it’s HBO (and much more)

To give you an idea of all the stuff that Time Warner owns (and AT&T will probably own if the deal goes through), here’s a brief summation of the content that AT&T will own if the deal goes through.

HBO: Game of Thrones, Westworld, Girls…whatever you else you watch on the gold standard of premium cable networks. HBO is the crown jewel of this deal. The company is now synonymous with the absolute best TV and is pushing into other areas as well with Vice and Bill Simmons.

Basketball rights: By buying TNT, which is part of Turner, which is owned by Time Warner, AT&T gets its hands on major NBA basketball rights. TNT also has college basketball rights. Sports rights are now seen as some of the most valuable in all of media for their ability to draw live audiences (the only antidote to delayed DVR viewing), as well as the burgeoning online highlight industry.

DC Comics: Time Warner owns Warner Bros. movie studios, which makes the DC Comics movies. Maybe they aren’t quite Marvel, but the DC universe is working to become one of the biggest movie franchises around.

CNN: The decline of cable news is well documented, but CNN is still a premier news brand that has also become a force online.

Kids content: TV made for kids has become one of those quietly important pieces for many media companies. Time Warner includes Cartoon Network.

Hulu: Time Warner recently bought a 10% stake in Hulu, which is working to become a rival to Netflix. Time Warner also has stakes or ownership in a bunch of other digital media properties including Bleacher Report and Time Warner Investments, which owns pieces of a variety of startups. Turner has also made some investments, including in Mashable.

Your precious, precious data

It used to be enough just to make stuff and get it to people. Not anymore.

The dream now is making content and taking it right to the consumer, whose habits you can track and analyze. This usually means being able to present customers with content directly, like AT&T could do with Time Warner’s pieces.

Disney boss Bob Iger recently summed it up well, saying that it even having ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and the rest of the Disney franchise fell short.

“In todays world, its almost not enough to have all that stuff unless you have access to your consumer, who because of technology is providing you with incredible data to provide the consumer with a more customized and personalized experience that can be monetized better,” Iger said in a recent interview.

This can be a good thing; Netflix is credited with coming up with shows like Stranger Things thanks to its trove of data. But it also means that yet another company is tracking what you’re consuming.

Not enough? How about the future of the U.S. media market?

Regulation is the boring, but extremely necessary part of the AT&T and Time Warner equation.

The Federal Communications Commission will take a long, hard look at this deal to determine if it will hurt consumers. If they decide it will, the FCC could either block the acquisition or require AT&T/Time Warner to make serious caveats such as having to abide by net neutrality principles even if the current regulations are thrown out.

AT&T has already lost out on a major merger due to FCC intervention. The company in 2011 tried to buy T-Mobile. AT&T faced an uphill battle because it was trying to buy a very similar company, and the deal would have made AT&T/T-Mobile an industry titan.

The AT&T/Time Warner deal doesn’t have that problem. Buying content would transfer AT&T into an entirely different business, just as it did for Comcast when it bought NBCUniversal. That deal was given the OK, but not without plenty of criticism that continues to this day.

If regulators want to draw a line in the sand (in this case, under the administrations of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton), then this merger would represent a big chance to send a message to companies: Stop trying to form gigantic mega-corporations.

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Oct. 22, 2016: Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman (54) celebrates after Game 6 of the National League Championship Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

The Chicago Cubs took an early lead off Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, and Kyle Hendricks did most of the rest as the Cubs won their first National League pennant since 1945.

Hendricks allowed just two hits in seven-and-a-third innings, outpitching three-time Cy Young Award winner Kershaw as Chicago blanked Los Angeles, 5-0, in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series at a raucous Wrigley Field Saturday night.

Closer Aroldis Chapman recorded the final five outs, ending the game by inducing Yasiel Puig to ground into a 6-4-3 double play and setting off a wild celebration inside and outside the venerable ballpark.

“This city deserves it so much,” said first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who caught the final out. “We got four more big ones to go, but we’re going to enjoy this. We’re going to the World Series. I can’t even believe that.”

All-everything second baseman Javier Baez and pitcher Jon Lester shared NLCS MVP honors. Baez hit .318, drove in five runs and made several sharp plays in the field. Lester, a two-time World Series champion in Boston, was 1-0 with a 1.38 ERA in two starts against the Dodgers.

The Cubs will try to win their first World Series title in 108 years when they face the Cleveland Indians in Game 1 of the best-of-seven at Progressive Field Tuesday night.

The Cubs shook off back-to-back shutout losses earlier in this series by pounding the Dodgers for 23 runs to win the final three games.

Kershaw, so dominant in Game 2 of the series, gave up five runs and seven hits before being lifted for a pinch hitter in the sixth. He fell to 4-7 lifetime in the postseason.

Pitching on five days’ rest, the 2014 National League MVP threw 30 pitches in the first. Dexter Fowler led off with a double, and Kris Bryant’s RBI single had the crowd shaking the 102-year-old ballpark.

They had more to cheer when left fielder Andrew Toles dropped Rizzo’s fly ball, putting runners on second and third, and Ben Zobrist made it 2-0 on a sacrifice fly.

The Cubs added a run in the second when Addison Russell doubled to deep left and scored on a two-out single by Fowler.

Willson Contreras and Rizzo completed the scoring with solo home runs in the fourth and fifth innings, respectively.

That was plenty for Hendricks, the major league ERA leader who
left the game to a standing ovation after Josh Reddick singled with one out in the eighth. The only other hit Hendricks allowed was a single by Toles on the game’s first pitch.

Manager Joe Maddon’s team, deemed World Series favorites since spring training, topped the majors with 103 wins, then beat the Giants and Dodgers in the playoffs.

The Cubs took their 17th pennant. They had not earned a World Series trip since winning a doubleheader opener 4-3 at Pittsburgh on Sept. 29, 1945, to clinch the pennant on the next-to-last day of the season.

The eternal “wait till next year” is over. No more dwelling on a past history of failure — the future is now.

“We’re too young. We don’t care about it,” Bryant said. “We don’t look into it. This is a new team. This is a completely different time of our lives. We’re enjoying it and our work’s just getting started.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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(CNN)Chicago Cubs diehard Steve Bartman, who came to symbolize the team’s crushing defeat in the 2003 National League Championship Series, will be glued to the TV Saturday night.

“No doubt that he will be watching,” Frank Murtha, a longtime friend and spokesman for Bartman, told CNN.
    The Cubs face Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw as part of their quest for their first Major League Baseball championship in 108 years. They lead the seven-game National League Championship Series 3-2. If they win, the team will head to Cleveland to battle the Indians in the World Series.
    Thirteen year ago, Bartman sat in Wrigley Field’s stands in a green turtleneck and headphones over his Cubs cap during Game 6 of the NLCS. The Cubs led that series against the Florida Marlins three games to two.
    The Cubs were a mere five outs from the World Series.
    Then Bartman, seated down the left field line, reached for a foul ball and tipped it away from the outstretched glove of leaping Cubs outfielder Moises Alou.
    His interference was the catalyst for a Marlins rally and eventual series win. TV cameras focused on Bartman, frozen in his seat. He was showered with abuse and had to be escorted from the stands for his own safety.
    Few people mention that a critical error on a sure out by Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez would have ended the inning.
    “What went on that night at the stadium was pretty scary,” said Murtha, who speaks occasionally with Bartman.
    “It was something like a biblical ‘Give us Barabbas and crucify the other guy,’ you know. It was mob action fueled by a lot of alcohol, a perfect storm of dysfunctional behavior.”
    Bartman, who still lives in the Chicago area and works for a financial firm, all but vanished. He still receives threats, according to Murtha.
    “Steve just wishes the Cubs well and has no interest in being any distraction from whatever happens to them,” said Murtha.
    “He is such a grounded, well centered person that he doesn’t need the affirmation. He doesn’t seek forgiveness. None is probably needed.”
    So don’t expect to see a man some consider the most infamous fan in the history of baseball at the World Series. If the Cubs get there. Finally.
    “The likelihood that he would return to throw out a first ball or anything like that is probably slim, none and no chance,” said Murtha.
    “Steve’s goal in all this has been to return to a normal life and the fact that we’re still talking about it 13 years after the fact is nothing short of bizarre.”
    Bartman has turned down financial opportunities, according to Murtha. There were book proposals and a six-figure offer for a commercial.
    A hotel company offered a six-week Florida vacation. Instead, Murtha said Bartman asked the company for gift certificates, which he donated to charity.
    “Somebody had some idea about a Broadway play, which I thought at first was a joke,” said Murtha, a sports agent and former prosecutor.
    “Is this Spring time for Hitler or what?”
    Murtha said Bartman is single. He won’t say whether Bartman has been back to Wrigley in the last 13 years.
    “He is classy and has risen above this,” said Murtha. “The character that he has and the kind of person that he is reflects well on him.”

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    There’s a lot to love about the new B&W flagship headphones, if you can afford them.
    Image: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

    As you move towards the high-end spectrum of hi-fi, features on gadgets typically disappear. It’s not uncommon to see a power amplifier, priced like a family car, with a single button, while amps that cost a few hundred bucks come with a bazillion knobs and switches. The idea is that everything that’s not strictly necessary just gets in the way of that perfect sound and perfect sound is the ultimate goal of expensive hi-fi equipment.

    It’s no wonder, then that B&W’s latest pair of headphones, the P9 Signature, doesn’t have wireless connectivity, noise cancellation, or even a single button. The company’s top-of-the-line headphones cost $900, and they promise just one thing: stellar sound.

    Judging from the week or so I’ve spent with them, the P9 Signature delivers, but that price tag might not be justifiable to everyone.

    Reviewing the P9 Signature, whose launch has been timed to celebrate Bowers & Wilkins’ 50 years of existence, was fairly simple, as I’ve just finished reviewing the company’s P7 Wireless headphones, B&W’s priciest, best sounding headphones before the P9 came along. The two sets of cans share a similar design and sound (I was able to compare them directly), so my primary task was to figure out whether the price jump from $500 to $900 is worth it.


    Luxurious, comfortable and focused on the music

    Let’s start with this: If features are what you’re after, you’re looking at the wrong set of headphones. The P9 Signature comes with three cables (one with included volume and play/pause controls) of varying length, and an adaptor to the larger, 6.35mm audio jack (a must if you have serious hi-fi equipment at home), but that’s it. There’s no Lightning cable either, a must for owners of iPhone 7 (which has no audio headphone jack) though it will be shipped with the P9s starting early 2017, and those who buy them now can ask B&W for a free cable when it becomes available.

    These headphones are not meant to amuse you with gesture-based operation, smart sensors and similar shenanigans. They’re meant to be the link between you and beautiful sounding music.

    Design-wise, the P9s look like a fancier version of the P7s. Brown, Italian Saffiano leather on the earcups, an Alcantara carrying case and an aluminum headband (which is, thankfully, foldable) give the headphones a distinctive, luxurious look. The P7 Wireless looks good, but when you place them next to the P9 Signature, they’re just not in the same league.


    The P9s also have a hidden headphone jack to replace a cable, you need to remove the magnetically-fastened earcup. The solution works better than it did with the P7 Wireless; you’re not going to change the cables on these very often, if ever, and it keeps the headphone jack safely (and nicely) tucked away.

    Thanks to the premium materials and slightly bigger earcups, the P9 Signature are also more comfortable than the P7 Wireless and generally very head-friendly, even though they’re quite heavy at 413 grams. Both sets of headphones tend to become a bit heavy on the top of my head uncomfortably so after an hour and a half of listening but the effect is less pronounced with the P9s.

    A deepness in the bass

    We’ve established that the singular goal of these headphones is great sound, but is it nine-hundred-bucks good? While the figure might sound outrageous to some, it’s not uncommon in the world of high-end headphones; in fact, the world’s best sounding headphones often cost several thousand dollars, which would make the B&W P9 Signature entry-level high-end hi-fi (yes, that’s a lot of dashes).

    The verdict is not an easy one to give. On a technical level, the P9 Signature have slightly better specifications: their 40mm drivers have a larger frequency range (from 2Hz to 30KHz; good luck trying to hear sounds at the end of that range) and a lower distortion level, but are otherwise the same. They’re also angled to provide a sound stage that’s in front of you, not on the sides. And the earcups have been decoupled from the headband with a nifty little gimbal system to remove unwanted vibrations.

    But can you actually hear those differences?


    The answer is yes, but it really depends on what type of listener you are. The P9 Signature headphones offer an extremely detailed sound. The bass is rich and precise, but slightly toned down compared to the P7s; it won’t jump at you at every occasion, but if you focus, you’ll hear it’s fuller and more detailed.

    It’s not just the bass; the sound of the P9s can generally be described as extremely precise, if a little dark. You’ll hear it all; the hint of cold in the singer’s voice, and the droning of an electric guitar left plugged in on stage at the end of a concert.

    The sound stage is moved a little to the front as promised by the angled drivers, but not vastly. In fact, if I were to point out one flaw (and that’s only if I compare the sound with high-end equipment), the sound stage always sounds like a tiny club; you’ll never get the feeling of being in a huge arena.

    But to hear all this, I’ve had to listen to CDs or flac files. And I used a 24-bit DAC audio module to connect to my MacBook Air. I’ve listened mostly to amazingly well-recorded music: Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Ryan Adams’ Live at Carnegie Hall andNick Cave’s Live from KCRW. This is where the P9s shine; put any of these on, and you’ll instinctively close your eyes and lean back into the chair to listen to the song through to the end.

    If you just slap on a 128kbps mp3 of Kruder and Dorfmeister’s K&D Sessions, it will still sound great (in fact, it’s amazing how much these headphones can squeeze out of those compressed files), but the P7 Wireless won’t lag too far behind.

    Image: Stan schroeder/Mashable

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything like the Sennheiser HD800 or the Audio Technica ATH-W5000, which fall roughly in the same price range, to compare with the P9s directly. Working from memory, the P9s are not as transparent as some of the high-end headphones I’ve heard; they flirt with high-end but still remain a great option for folks that just like a good dose of pop, electronic or dance music.

    For long, home listening sessions

    The P9 Signature headphones are beautiful, luxurious, comfortable and they sound great. The price point, while high, is still below the level of most flagship headphones from renowned hi-fi companies. Could they be a little cheaper? Probably, but they’re aimed at the person who wants the best and can afford it.


    You can’t have it all, though. These headphones are not the everyday workhorse cans you’ll throw in your backpack and use on commutes and plane rides. They’re a bit too heavy and bulky for that. Furthermore, they don’t have wireless connectivity, noise cancellation, an attention button or any of the latest bells and whistles you can now get in the $200-$400 price range. If you want all that, you’ll need to look elsewhere. But if curling up with some great-sounding recordings is your thing, the P9 Signature are nearly perfect.

    Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

    The Good

    Comfortable Luxurious Amazing sound

    The Bad


    The Bottom Line

    The B&W P9 Signature won’t dazzle you with bells and whistles, but they offer supreme comfort, a very luxurious finish and amazing sound.

    Read more: http://mashable.com/2016/10/21/bw-p9-signature-review/

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